About Us

Who We Are

Robert E. Grant & Associates, LLC. has been providing top quality accounting services for businesses and Individuals since 1994 to the present. Our expertise as accounting professionals has helped hundreds of individual and corporate clients achieve their financial goals, and we work hard to help all of our clients succeed. We know firsthand what it takes to run a successful business and understand that as a business owner your time, resources and energy must be optimally used in order to succeed. This also applied to our individual tax clients as well. We also know it is crucial to ensure accounting practices for your personal and particular business, regardless of what type of tax return or what industry you are in or what size your business is. Sound accounting is a fundamental necessity, and we are tax professionals that are here to help you ensure your accounting is done in the best possible way. We want to make tax preparation and accounting for your business hassle free and give you peace of mind knowing that you have an expert accounting firm helping you each step of the way.

We offer a full range of accounting services from individual income tax preparation to creating accounting solutions for each business based on the specific accounting needs. We work to help you save time and money so you can spend more time working on the aspects of your personal life and well as your business, so you can maximize your growth potential. Our services are not limited to but include taxation services, bookkeeping services, payroll services, auditing services, QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting services, management advisory services and financial services. Whether you want us to help with some or all aspects of your personal needs or your business’ accounting and taxation needs, we are here to help. Depending on your particular need, we work with you to make sure you are comfortable and understand what you will need in order to achieve your financial goals.