Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Business owners are constantly looking for professional business valuation services, potential buyers, investors. And potential sellers to value a company ahead of a sale or public offering. Our experts use several different business valuation methods in this process to help businesses.


Robert E Grant & Associates, LLC uses market-based valuation accounting to compare the selling prices of similar businesses for evaluation. Determining the value of a business using this method is a tough task. As collecting shared internal information may be a challenge to verify, requiring a professional team and experience.


We also offer Asset-based business valuation accounting, considering the business’s total net asset value. Evaluating the whole value of the business assets minus its total liabilities to help you get a clearer picture. Using a liquidation approach to determine the net cash received. If all the assets were sold and the liabilities were paid off.


Suppose you are a small business and looking for a small business valuation. Using income-based valuation to determine the business’s income-producing capacity value compared to its risk. The discounts and capitalization rates determine the risks of the business. And we use the best valuation methods are capitalization of earnings, multiple discretionary earnings, and discounted cash flow.