Individual Income Tax

Business owners and high-net-worth individuals come to us with frustration hoping to get help in reducing their tax burden. To help you with your requirements, we need all the important information about your company, your family and yourself. Armed with all the information, we carefully plan and strategize your individual tax return.

Individual taxes is one of your highest annual costs. Moreover, most of your financial decisions will directly impact your taxes. You need a solid strategy! Our team can help you with effective tax management to manage your wealth.

Robert E Grant team can help you explore tax-saving opportunities. We work to cater to every individual with customized guidance to fit their situation. In addition, every tax strategy we do works in concert with other components of your financial framework and lifestyle.

Affordable Individual Tax Services

Hiring an in-house resource for your business tax and accounting can be costly, but you can cut on this cost by putting us in charge of all your financial operations. Our team of experts will handle it professionally. We offer Affordable Individual Income Tax services.

Past-Due Tax Returns

Moreover, our team can also help you to reconcile past records and file past-due tax returns. Even if you have lost your records, we will assist in obtaining information from the IRS and any relevant states.

We can help estimate, reduce, or eliminate taxes or interest through various abatement programs, payment plans, and debt settlements (tax reductions) available through the government.

Give Us a Call

Unlike other companies, we provide one-on-one in-person tax help services; guidance, support, and representation. With over 20 years of experience in accounting and taxation, our certified experts have negotiated tax relief solutions, removed levies, and stopped garnishments. The results you need are just a call (410-719-8866) right away!